NEW! Preparing a Healthy Meal

Entry Level 3, 1 credit

Course Overview

The course is accredited (by Agored Cymru) as an Entry Level 3 qualification and is worth one credit. The course can also be delivered as unaccredited course. For accreditation, participants complete activity sheets to provide evidence that hygiene, practical cooking skills and nutritional messages have been understood and assessment criteria are achievevd. 

The format of the course can be varied e.g. it could be offered for 2 hours over  5 weeks, which meets the 10 hours of learning required. Each week participant’s prepare a recipe selected from the Nutrition Skills for Life recipe book. There is a choice of recipes – snacks and light bites, main meals, side and delights and desserts. 

Topics covered:

Session 1


Session 2

Food Hygiene

Food Safety

Session 3

The Eatwell Guide

Session 4

Plan a Healthy meal

Session 5

Preparing a Healthy meal

Session 6

Preparing a Healthy meal

Session 7

Budgeting & Preparing a Healthy meal

Community workers can become Preparing a Healthy Meal facilitators by completing the Level 2 Community Food and Nutrition Skills Course and being trained by Public Health Dietitians to deliver the programme. 

A requirement of the Preparing a Healthy meal  facilitator is to have a  ‘Train the trainer’ qualification and Food Safety & Hygiene certification 

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