Nutrition training for registered Health Visitors

This training aims to provide current and evidence based food & nutrition information for pregnancy and the early years, promoting healthy habits around eating & physical activity within the family and contributing towards the prevention and early intervention of child obesity. The training includes a half day food and nutrition messages and a half day ‘How to raise the topic of weight’ in an appropriate and sensitive way.

Learning Objectives

The learning builds on the content of the SCPHN nutrition sessions and includes:

  • Explore the relationship between maternal/ parental and child obesity
  • Evaluate a broad range of ‘family friendly’ eat well & healthy weight messages
  • Explain current food & nutrition recommendations for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Explain the current guidelines for vitamin and mineral supplementation in pregnancy and the early years
  • Evaluate current approaches to complementary feeding and the associated evidence base
  • Discuss how to raise the topic of weight, and talk about the risks associated with being above a healthy weight, in a sensitive and appropriate way

Feedback from participants

‘‘I feel more confident now with visits to talk about feeding, nutrition, growth charts and weaning’

‘‘Really relevant and useful for advice to parents’

‘‘Really good session and learned so much for everyday practice’

‘‘My confidence in providing the best advice tailored to families’ needs has grown. Thank you’

‘I’ll use this information on a daily basis when visiting families and in child health clinics when monitoring growth and development’

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