Pre-registration training

We work with the Lead Midwifery Educators in the Higher Education Institutions that offer the Batchelor of Midwifery degree course in Wales to incorporate evidence based public health nutrition messages and healthy lifestyle conversations into the pre-registration curriculum. This scheme of work includes a 3 hour session in each of the 3 years of the course.

Learning Objectives

By the end of these sessions participants will be able to:

  • Describe the constituents of a balanced diet.
  • Explain the benefits of good nutrition to health and well being of mum and baby.
  • Identify the factors that affect food choice.
  • Describe the specific nutritional needs during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Outline the current recommendations for routine vitamin and mineral supplementation in pregnancy.
  • Discuss the risks of obesity in pregnancy.
  • Explore the factors that contribute to weight management and well being.
  • Evaluate the recommendations and guidance for measuring weight, and managing weight gain in pregnancy.
  • Demonstrate how to raise the topic of weight, and talk about the risks of excessive weight gain in pregnancy.
  • Use a patient centred approach to enable women to make lifestyle change.

Feedback from participants

‘Very informative and interesting, made me want to change my own diet!’

‘Activities were good to get us thinking’

‘Lots of valuable information for future practice’

‘It was useful for future advice with women and also motivated me to make some changes’

‘Very informative session which I enjoyed and will pass on to women’

‘The MI workshop was absolutely brilliant in helping us raise sensitive topics with women’

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