Community worker: Foodwise in Pregnancy

Foodwise in Pregnancy

This course is for all women during pregnancy who would like support with information and tips on eating well, keeping active and achieving a healthy weight gain in pregnancy.

There are six sessions that can be delivered weekly for six weeks. Each session is fun and informal and lasts for around 1-1 ½ hours The sessions cover the following content

1Preparing to change for life
2Eating well
3Portion sizes and you
4Food labels
5Focus on your food
6Changing for life

Partners, a friend or family member are welcome to attend.

Feedback from participants

“I have been talking about this programme to all my friends who have young children, are expecting a child or plan to start a family in the future. I think its brilliant whatever phase you are in!”

“I enjoyed the course & I really liked that we could get personalised advise & ask a thousand questions!”

The changes that I’ve made, they’ve been so easy. So, maintaining them shouldn’t be a problem”.

“A brilliant, free way to ensure healthy eating for you & the whole family! Your free professional diet support during pregnancy!”

A new app to complement the Foodwise in Pregnancy course is due to launch very soon!  Watch this space for launch details. 

If you would like to try the Foodwise in Pregnancy app, this is available to download at……. (add when completed) 

For information and contact details for how to attend or deliver this programme please select your Health Board area

Online session 1: Fruit and vegetables

Online session 2: Potatoes, bread, rice, pasta and other starchy carbohydrates

Online session 3: Beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat and other proteins

Online session 4: Dairy and alternatives

Online session 5: Fats and sugar

Online session 6: Reading food and drink labels

Online session 7: Keeping hydrated

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