Come and Cook with your Child

Come and Cook with your Child is a practical cookery course delivered in Primary Schools settings. This course aims to increase knowledge and skills to enable parents, grandparents or carers and children aged 4-5 years to eat well and prepare healthy meals at home. It encourages children to take part in the preparation of family meals and to explore new foods. Each course session has a theme and begins with a story, followed by a carousel of fun and interesting activities for children and parents.  

It is suitable for parents, grandparents or carers of children aged 4-5 years who would like to improve their own and their child’s cooking, nutrition skills and knowledge. Adult participants can choose to complete the Come and Cook accreditation and gain 3 credits at Level 1.

Course Overview

  • Accredited by Agored Cymru at Level 1, this course consists of a 3-hour session each week for 6 weeks however alternative formats can be considered. 
  • As a group, participants select recipes they would like to prepare as well as suggesting knowledge and skills they would like to develop.    
  • Course activities have been designed to encourage children to be open to trying new foods and build their knowledge of food safety, fruit and vegetables and foods high in sugar. Links are made with the school curriculum for this age range. 
  • For accreditation participants complete a portfolio of worksheets. These provide evidence that nutritional messages have been understood and that the course learning objectives have been met. 
  • Community workers can become Come and Cook with Your Child facilitators by completing the Level 2 Community Food and Nutrition Skills Course. 
  • On completion of a Facilitator Training Session, delivered by Public Health Dietetics, new facilitators will be provided with a toolkit to support delivery. This includes a facilitator manual, A5 cookbooks and an A3 flipchart resource. 
  • Come & Cook facilitators are also required to complete a Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene certification and the Level 3 ‘Train the trainer’ qualification or the City and Guilds Adult Education and Training Level 3 Qualification.  

Topics covered:

Session 0


Session 1

Food Hygiene

Session 2

Five a Day (Vegetables)

Session 3

Five A Day (Fruit)

Session 4

Sugar at Breakfast

Session 5

Sugar in Drinks and Lunchboxes

Session 6

 Physical Activity run in partnership with Aura leisure services

* Note – Adult participants will also cover topics in the accredited Come & Cook Programme 

The course has received an overwhelmingly positive response from those parents who have taken part.

Feedback from participants

‘This course has helped open my eyes to how much sugar we intake each day. The guess the sugar games really hammered this home.’

‘I am more careful in the shops and have started to buy healthy cereals…
I have also learnt about portions which has helped me be able to give my family the best foods at meal times. This course has definitely helped change my mind set.’

‘Cooking and learning with my son has been a brilliant opportunity, I know how much he has enjoyed this course too. We now take more time to cook together, and I can explain much more easily about ‘healthy’ and ‘not so healthy’ foods. He also has taken an interest and asks more questions e.g. Is this food good for me? Does this have a lot of sugar?…Also I now have a cooking budding with my little boy!’

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