Eat Smart Save Better

Eat Smart Save Better is a 1-hour session exploring ways to eat healthily, use store cupboard ingredients, and to share tips for saving money when food shopping. It provides a great introductory session for parents, carers and community groups to give a flavour of the longer Nutrition Skills for Life courses our team are able to offer. 

Course Content

  • A 1-hour fun and informal session run face-to-face 
  • Explores how to eat healthily whilst shopping on a budget by eating smart and saving better 
  • A shopping bag activity is facilitated to look at simple and key ingredients, the nutrients they provide, and how to incorporate them into everyday meals without breaking the bank 
  • A FREE recipe book and pictorial guide is provided to take home at the end of the session 
  • Courses run according to local need/ demand and a minimum group number applies 

Topics Covered:

Topic 1

The Eatwell Guide

Topic 2

Portion Sizes

Topic 3

Food & Nutrients

Topic 4

Food Sustainability

Topic 5

Shopping Smart

Topic 6

Recipe Ideas

Participant feedback 

Found the session very helpful, I have made the pasta bake and fruit crumble the children really enjoyed them’ 

‘I was amazed at how much food was in the shopping bag, I thought it would have cost a lot more’ 

‘Very much enjoyed the session; I was very interested in the portion sizes of the different foods’ 

‘I enjoyed the session and the shopping bag and visual cards have been very handy’ 

‘The recipes out of the recipe book are really easy, so it encouraged me to keep cooking out of it’ 

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